Fully managed construction process

All of Gilchrist Constructions’ building systems are developed around an integrated program, which offers the following benefits:

  • Step-by-step projected progress on-site before work begins
  • All activities on-site are systemised to control timing and avoid blow outs
  • Critical paths are highlighted throughout the construction process
  • All activity on-site is documented which assists in controlling timelines and outcomes
  • Site supervision is undertaken by professional and passionate staff
  • OH&S is handled under our accredited OH&S management system
  • Environmental impacts are considered and monitored throughout the project’s life

By having a fully managed construction process that keeps track of milestones, resources and time, the project is completed faster and the full cost control analysis is maintained.

However, this control program also extends beyond construction and offers peace-of-mind for the whole development, including consultant fees, finance charges, authority costs and more.

In essence everything is accounted for so that control is maintained over your investment.

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