Project Feasibility and Approvals

We offer a comprehensive service to investors and developers who are considering a project and need help with feasibility.

Gilchrist Constructions has access to several respected local consultants including architects, planners and engineers, or we are happy to work with our clients’ preferred professionals.

Our unique one-stop service strives to make the whole development process simpler, faster and less stressful for you, with all risky and costly guess work eliminated.

The service works in three stages:

Stage 1: Concept assessment – test us out at no cost

We will formulate a standard project parameters assessment which covers planning, the market, highest and best use for the site, site analysis, and feasibility parameters.

This is provided at no cost or obligation and includes:

  1. Initial market research and analysis brief
  2. Initial planning parameters brief
  3. Feasibility parameters

Should this initial project parameters assessment stand up to your scrutiny, and you then determine the project is feasible and wish to proceed with Gilchrist Constructions, we will provide you with a detailed feasibility report that is suitable for submission to financiers and equity partners to obtain funding.

Stage 2: Design development and planning approval

We will provide estimates from the appointed consultants to produce the following:

  1. Schematic development – technical consultants will prepare preliminary drawings for the Town Planning application and use these to produce an updated feasibility report.
  2. Development approval – completing the Town Planning process to reach development approval.

Stage 3: Presales or leasing, working drawings, approvals, formal tender and contract documents

Once the work in the following areas meets your approval the project is deemed site ready:

  1. Marketing – this is makes the project work for you
  2. Finance – suitable documentation is provided for you to submit to your financier
  3. Working drawings and approvals – these crystallise the final detail of the project and provide the documentation required for the array permits needed to make the project site ready
  4. Formal tender and contract documents – these are prepared for your consideration

Stage 4: Construction and management phase

This phase is systemised, fully managed, on-time and on-budget, using a high site safety and environmental focus to protect all on-site personnel and meet legal requirements.

For more information on Gilchrist Constructions’ fully managed construction process click here.